Closing Notice! Thank You For Your Support!

After six years of wonderful customers, I'm closing my business to focus on my passion for helping people with fears, phobias, old hurts they can't forgive find peace, joy, and self healing.

Thank you for your support, your kindness, and your interesting sewing projects!

If you are curious, in the future you will find me at .  Or at

Service Suspension

My alterations service is temporarily on hold while I help with moving my mother to a better living situation.

15 Reasons To Stitch, Not Buy

Nancy Zieman posted this delightful  article today on why to sew your own cute and cuddly costumes for Halloween.  The photo above shows all 15 reasons why doing it yourself is superior to store bought costumes.

Such great ideas!  I hope you will try one for your child or ask me to help you with the process.  I'd love to get in on such fun!

Bob The Builder: "Can We Fix It?" Bob The Builder: "Yes We Can!"

A three-year-old client was in desperate need of repairs on his Bob The Builder Tool Belt.  "Can we fix it? Yes! We Can!"


Yes, I can sew patches for your pinball gang onto a vest, shirt, jacket, tote bag, or backpack.  Same for scouting patches, awards, flags, security staff patches.  Price ranges from $3 for small patches to $7 for large ones like these.

Wedding Season!

I've been making wedding veils! Here's the veil I created for my daughter's wedding this past March.

With a custom veil, you can "have it your way!"  Edgings, layers, tulle, color, flowers, lengths.

Call me about wedding-related projects like this!