Crystal Wand Pouch

This is an all natural materials upgrade of a pouch for a healer's crystal wand . My client asked for real, red leather, brown lining, and a crystal button. For the project I sourced dyed deerskin, cocoa-colored cotton sateen, and undyed cotton batting. I had fun shopping for the button at Portland's very own, Button Emporium. It is never used faceted glass crystal from 1940s, U.S. Zone, Germany. The pouch from which I took the pattern was made from suede microfiber. It had a perfumy smell. This smells wonderfully of real leather. A fine shelter for a healer's wand!

Tibetan Deity Painting Framed

Just completed a custom framing job for a friend wanting a fabric framing for a Tibetan deity painting called a thangka. Traditional Tibetan framing is done in a very elaborate style with up to three, four, five, six different types of silk brocade in one framing in addition to bunting and ribbons. Some westerners find that style a bit much.

For this project, my friend and I chose a gold/orange/red toned dupioni silk. I backed the fabric to stiffen it and applied it to the painted canvas adding a self-fabric piping. The fabric back is unbleached muslin with two rod pockets and an "intention" pocket.