New Beast!

I've been thinking for awhile that I would LOVE to have a commercial press put on all my finished sewing projects. However, for the Tibetan Deity paintings, I cannot turn them over to a dry cleaner or laundry for pressing. Fortuitously, I went in to the Salvation Army Store near where I live on Sunday looking for either an old sewing machine or an old steam iron and amazingly, they had this mangle! Price: $50!

A mangle is a commercial pressing machine used in hotels or laundries to get a really good press on a garment or piece of fabric. I only know what they are because my grandmother had one from the time she owned and ran a boarding house. This one weighs a ton even though it's much smaller than the one my grandma owned. I have to stow it in the garage for now but at least I have one!

Ironrite was the best manufacturer of mangles, from what I can tell on the web. And this one is a Model 95 which is supposedly the best model. It came with a service manual and a bunch of information printed from the web about how to use them. It also had a brand new, updated for the 2000s electrical cord the last owner had put on! Sweet!