Palden Lhamo Tangka Framing Finished

Just completed this thangka fabric frame this afternoon. It was a more complex work due to the inset, gold mitered fabric combined with the blocked red silk plys the insertion of a rod at the bottom. My client wanted hanging ribbons which, surprisingly, took me two tries to get them to look pleasing to my eye. I experimented with several methods on the back, which is red cotton broadcloth, to help the silk dupioni lay down flat(ter) than it was wanting to do. On the third attempt, I came up with the idea to apply stiffener (interfacing) over the entire backing piece then stitch-in-the-ditch through the silk on all the seams. Finally, that worked! With the addition of the bottom dowel (my client has silver finials on order from Tibet!) the piece has turned out beautifully.