Custom Made Special Occasion Dress & Jacket

Here's an example of custom pattern fitting, alteration, sewing. My client provided fabric for both the dress and jacket while I prepped the pattern and altered it to fit her. We needed to make alterations to accommodate her petite shoulders and back yet allow the dress to fit easily in the hips. Also, the sleeves in both the dress and jacket pattern were way too long. Nothing off the rack can match this kind of custom fitting in a garment.

Handwoven Souvenir Fabric Made Into Curtain

A friend received this piece of hand-loomed fabric from Uganda as a gift from her daughter; she wanted to see and appreciate it everyday. She asked for a curtain for her kitchen window using as much of the fabric as possible. The material was fringed on both ends which worked out perfectly for the two halves of a tied back curtain. However, the halves were short the length of her window by two inches. I borrowed just enough fabric from the selvage edges to create a a rod pocket and add enough length. Next, I stitched complementary fabric tiebacks seaming in a piece of what would have been waste, fringed border trim.

New Palden Lhamo Framing

This is my third thangka framing and my best so far. It's getting easier to see the project in my mind before I cut it out and it's also getting easier to keep all the pieces even and balanced. Gluing the seams and the piping ahead of stitching the way quilt binding is sometimes laid down is immensely helpful.

Thangka Fabric Framing Detail and Techniques

Details from thangka framing. Above, a light fabric glue holds piping in exact alignment before stitching.

Red piping and gold framing panels after stitching in place and pressed.