My latest from-scratch pattern making/sewing creation--Scout!  I've put the steps in the pattern and design process into one triptych above.  The first photo shows my first muslin.  A muslin is a basic tool of pattern making from scratch.  It is a trial cutting of the pattern into inexpensive fabric similar in weight and texture to the fabric intended for the finished garment.  You can see my fitting notes and pattern changes marked directly on the muslin.  I needed to raise the armscye 2 inches, widen the neck band to 3 inches and drop the top level of the bodice 1 inch.
The third photo shows my second muslin made after I made the changes on my pattern from the first fitting;  the band is wider, the armscye higher.  This muslin fit my client perfectly!  Now it's time to make the final garment, seen in the middle photo.
Below is the mini version I drew out and corrected as I went along developing the pattern.  It served as a beginning point for my design as well as a reference point in constructing and updating the actual pattern pieces.